"Queensland Spray Millet - Quality product and quality service"

Gary Zerner:  Secretary Toowoomba Budgerigars and Stud Bird Breeder

In recent years, trusted quality suppliers of millet sprays have been hard to come by along with concerns of imported millet sprays that have undergone harsh chemical or radiation sterilisation treatments to meet strict quarantine requirements.


My name is Gary Zerner, Secretary of the Toowoomba (and surrounding region) Budgerigar Association.  My professional background is in soil and livestock nutrition; hence I have a sound understanding of soil and crop nutrition and recognise the key principles for growing a quality product that is nutritionally dense or balanced.


Queensland Spray Millet have been supporting our club and supplying our members with millet sprays for over 12 months now and I recently had the opportunity to visit their operation and review their soil health and crop nutrient program.


Queensland Spray Millet are unique in that their operation has a primary focus on growing various millet varieties and associated products that are hand-picked for the pet/avian bird industry.  The advantage of this operation is that they are a family business that is built on their most valuable asset, their soil.  The millet products from Queensland Spray Millet are not only Australian owned and grown, but are more importantly grown on rich basalt soils of the southern Darling Downs in Qld.


So what does this mean?  For me, it ensures quality and a nutrient dense feed source that will not suffer common plant deficiencies.  These soils have high nutrient storage capacities which results in a plant or crop that is also abundant in key macro and trace minerals.  Allora Downs also grows their millet under irrigation, with a centre pivot to sustain even crop growth through the important stages of development and seed head filling.  These soils mean that minimum fertilisers are used. 


James and Bec oversee all stages of crop planting, growth, harvest and packaging and also utilise an industry accredited Agronomist to fine tune their crop requirements, nutrient rates and timing of applications and irrigation to ensure they produce a premium product.


I was interested to discover that James and Bec are not new to Agriculture, having a long history in the viticulture and wine industry where they developed their knowledge and practices for sustainable crop nutrition. 


Millet sprays are not only a healthy treat for caged birds, they are also a key requirement for stud/show bird breeders as they are a compulsory item for show cages and useful component in our annual feeding programs.


When breeding birds, millet sprays are essential in the nest box to assist with the transition of young birds being fed by their parents to leaving the nest.  There are advantages in offering millet sprays in the nest to teach young birds to hull seed on their own.  Millet sprays work exceptionally well in the nest box and are readily chewed by young curious birds and can be the link to increased survival rates should a parent cease to feed the larger chicks that are almost ready to leave the nest.

I also use millet sprays in my weaning cage and in the aviary for an additional feed source and chewable treat for all birds within my stud.

Ordering products from Allora Downs is a pleasure and their prompt attention to packaging and dispatch has built a strong reputation for their quality brand.

On the show bench I have won two club Grand Champions and have represented Qld at the Nationals held in Perth WA in 2015.  More recently, the bird pictured and bred by me sold at auction in 2016 for $1700, therefore you can appreciate that my attention to detail, knowledge of this industry and demand for a quality product is why I willingly endorse this product. 

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