Green/Milk Millet pre-order

Green/Milk Millet is millet picked mid way through ripening, retain a higher level of nutrients than standard dried millet. This happens around December-February each year.

The fresh Green Millet hand picked and cooled directly after picking.  With up to 300% more nutrients than dried millet, you will find your finches, budgies and canaries going crazy for it. Grass seed eating finches are very fond of seeds that are at the milk stage (Just ripe or semi ripe) and the availability of fresh seeds will often act as an aphrodisiac and trigger them into breeding. 4-6 weeks of regular fresh millet will harmonize finches hormones into breeding condition.

This millet is only available seasonally, once its gone, its gone until the following summer’s harvest.

All orders are prepared in specialized polystyrene packaging and are sent by express courier only. We advise that someone is present to receive the delivery who is able to unpack; and place the items immediately into a freezer.

If you would like to register your interest in purchasing green/milk millet, please contact Bec on the link below, and she will be in contact with you.

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