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allora downs chaff

The art of chaff making has not changed much in over 100 years. The grand old machines of days past are still the foundation of the design of quality chaff machines today.

Allora Downs recently installed a convex 5 blade Cliff and Bunting chaffer with triple sieves. What does this mean? Well we can provide the highest quality cut chaff that is uniform in size.


Allora Downs produces a range of chaffs, including lucerne, oaten, wheaten, barley and grassy lucerne. We grow or share farm the hay we use for chaff to ensure the very best chaff is supplied.

Every bag is individually weighed, and frequent inspections of teh chaff and moisture tests ensure only the best quality is supplied.

chaff in your horses diet

The horse’s digestive system has evolved to function best when it has a continuous supply of fibrous material. Chaff is a form of roughage and is produced by chopping up hay into smaller pieces.


The principal advantage of chaff is that it can be mixed with the concentrate portion of a horses feed so that the horse consumes forage with the concentrate. This can increase chewing time and slow the intake of concentrate. The benefit of increasing chewing time is that concentrate then enters the digestive tract more slowly and in smaller amounts, this allows the simple carbohydrates to be fully absorbed in the small intestine.


Chaff is also easier to digest than hay and so it is great for young and older horses

pick up at the farm or we can deliver to your door!


Making chaff in Ballarat circa 1900